because of you

Maio 23, 2008

Sometimes things just don’t feel so right. Amidst an ocean of never-ending tasks, nice gestures don’t seem to find room in a busy heart. Romancing is universes away. An email, however, changes the predictable course of this Thursday. Enclosed, the photo below. Under the photo, the words: “Like these two nebulas, we are inseparable”. Sweet as sweet can be.

Attached to the email, the song:

The stiff hand reaches out and the lips relax and smile. The letting go was vital for that ruthless Thursday. After all, aren’t Thursdays special days, friendly to the soul, brightly announcing the joys of the weekend? Let’s, then, pay tribute to Thursdays, and forget predictabilities. Life is always more interesting than we think. Amazing what an email can do to your Thursday.


3 Respostas to “because of you”

  1. Laura Says:

    ah! o amor…
    bjs querida,

  2. Raquel Says:

    Foooofo. 🙂


  3. Cris S. Says:

    Laura e Raquel,

    É meio “corny”, mas é o amooooor sim!


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